Pastor Ladd and Jennifer Hurst with their children, Hensley and Hayden.
Pastor Ladd and Jennifer Hurst with their children, Hensley and Hayden.


As toddlers, Ladd and Jennifer Hurst met in the Church nursery in Jonesboro, Ar.  After several years of puppy love, teenage romance and finally marriage, they are still in love with each other and in love with God.  Ladd and Jennifer served as Youth Pastors, Music Ministers and Assistants to the Pastor in Greenwood, Ar.  In May of 2009, God led them to The Sanctuary Church.

Ladd and Jennifer have two amazing children Hensley, and Hayden.  While they love spending time at home with their family, they also love and enjoy the city of Fort Smith.  You will frequently see them strolling down Garrison Ave, enjoying the atmosphere, and taking an occasional spin on the Ferris Wheel at The West End Park.  They love the culture and geography of Fort Smith and are excited about what God is doing in this city.


Keith and Ashley Vaughan both grew up in Booneville, AR and have been married for eleven years. They relocated to Fort Smith in 2012 and God led them to The Sanctuary. They immediately began working with the children’s group and in December of 2013 they accepted the role of Children’s Pastors.

Keith and Ashley have three remarkable children Mariah, Trey and Carissa. Whether it is playing board games, watching PureFlix, bowling or anything else, they enjoy spending quality time together as much as possible. The family is very involved in athletic competition such as baseball, basketball, softball, volleyball and cross country and you will often find them at local youth baseball fields during the spring and summer months. They also love music. Ashley and Mariah love to sing, Trey plays the drums, and Carissa plays the piano and sings. Even Keith will occasionally wipe the dust off his acoustic guitar and strum a few chords.

They look forward to what God has in store for their family, the church and the city of Fort Smith and eager to do their part in spreading the love of Jesus to others.


Levi and Karla Dunn met as teenagers in the Winter of 2000 at one of the most wonderful settings you could ever meet a spouse…a youth service in Fort Smith. The same night they met, Karla told her mother and one of her friends in regards to Levi, “I claim him in Jesus’ name!” The Lord heard her prayer and Levi didn’t have much of a choice! The two have been married since June, 2006. The couple attended Northside United Pentecostal Church from the time they met until the Fall of 2009 when God unquestionably called them to The Sanctuary Church.

Levi and Karla are in awe of the good work God is doing at The Sanctuary and are anxiously awaiting what God has in store for the beautiful city of Fort Smith!